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There Are Some Things That Don't Belong in a Skip Bin: What You Need to Know

Hiring a skip bin is a great way to finally get rid of all that old junk you've got, right? Wrong. A skip bin is not the place for all your junk, for good reason. While skip bin hire can be a fantastic way to get rid a lot of stuff that your local council's weekly rubbish collection service won't touch, you can't get rid of absolutely everything in a skip bin. There are some items that are simply prohibited, and there are other items that are better off being disposed of in another way. You need to be rather careful, as putting some items into a skip bin can contaminate its contents, rendering it unsuitable for landfill. So what are some things that you need to think about when you're loading up your skip bin?

Things That Should Not Go into a Skip Bin 

You cannot dispose of any oil-based paints, solvents, or abrasive chemicals in a skip bin. This might even include some types of household cleaners (when some of the product remains in the container). Medical waste is also prohibited, as is anything explosive (such as old gas bottles). Some skip bin hire companies will not dispose of e-waste, which is any type of electronic device such as an old computer or printer. If you need to dispose of any of these items, you should contact the company that is providing the skip bin. They still might be able to dispose of these items for you, and yet you should always bag them separately and not place them in the skip bin. These items can contaminate landfill, which is why they need to be disposed of in a special way.

Old Furniture

Before you dispose of old furniture, you should assess its condition. While you might not want it, other people might benefit from it if it's still usable. Contact a local charity in your area that operates a secondhand resale outlet. They are generally able to collect large items from you, meaning that you don't need to arrange transportation yourself. If the furniture is damaged and is of no use as a secondhand item, then it can go into the skip bin. Place large items of furniture into the bin first to maximise the available space. You can remove the doors from any old cupboards, which then allows you to place additional rubbish inside the item. Loading these heavy items into the bin first also allows for a more stable distribution of weight, which is important when the bin is collected.


If you have a large amount of recyclable items, you might wish to mention this when hiring the skip bin. This will ensure that the hire company knows to remove any recyclables before sending the remainder of the bin's contents to the landfill. The company might also provide a secondary bin for these items, although this generally carries an additional fee. This is only of use if you are disposing of good quality wood, paper, glass, bricks, or even soil. Check with the hire company if you're not sure your items qualify as recyclable.

As always, please be mindful about overloading the bin as this means you might need to take things out again before it can be collected!