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Recycling During Renovations: 2 Ways To Make Money While Updating Your Home

Now that the summer heat is cooling down, it is time to turn your mind to those indoor tasks which have been begging for your attention while you've been at the beach. Autumn is the perfect time to start interior renovations as the temperature is perfect for working inside. As a person who has never renovated before, you plan to tackle your kitchen first. But, before you hire the biggest skip bin, you can find for your renovation trash, consider these two ways you can recycle some of your debris and make some cash while you smash!

1. Sell The Kitchen Cabinets

One of the biggest changes you can make to a kitchen is to put in new cabinets. This means you get a whole new layout of storage space which is designed to perfectly fit your needs and not those of previous house owners. However, before you pick up the sledgehammer and start swinging at your old cabinets, stop and examine their condition first. If the cabinets are still in good condition, i.e. they are not filled with rot or broken shelving, then they can be sold on the second-hand market. People who are renovating their kitchen on a budget purchase second-hand kitchen cabinetry if it is in good condition. So, rather than smash the cabinets to pieces, take your time to remove them carefully so they can be onsold.

2. Sell The Sink

A sink is a household item which causes a love/hate affair with its owner. If you don't have a dishwasher and wash the dishes by hand, then a dual sink is perfect for washing in one tub and rinsing in the other. If you plan to replace your sink and tapware for a bigger/shinier/newer model, then again, place these items up for sale on your local buy/sell group. You will be amazed at how fast they are purchased to be used for everything from kitchen remodelling to play sinks for the local kindergarten.

Finally, if you choose to replace lights, appliances, or countertops during your renovation, these too are attractive to bargain hunters if they are in good condition. As you remove every item from your old kitchen, ask yourself if you would be prepared to buy this item second hand. If it is in good condition, you have nothing to lose by advertising it for sale. If there is no interest, then you can throw it in the skip bin with the broken tiles and wall covering you have removed during your renovation project. 

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