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Skip bins for Residential vs Commercial Purposes: What Should you Consider?

Both commercial and residential properties need to get rid of their waste in a safe and effective manner. Skip bins offer a convenient method of waste disposal for premises of many different sizes. However, the specific skip bin needed will depend on your property and the type/quantity of waste that you deal with on a regular basis. 

It's important for you to identify your waste needs so you can hire the right type of skip bin at the right cost. The services that you will receive from the skip bin hire will also influence your final decision. When drawing the line between residential and commercial uses of a skip bin you're looking to hire, consider the following factors.

The size

In most cases, residential properties can suffice with mini skip bins of about 2-6 cubic metres. These skips are convenient to install on the property and easy for residents to fill. They can also be easily towed away when full and an empty one put in place.

Commercial properties often need skips of about 8-30 cubic metres. Locations such as restaurants, office buildings, and retail stores can handle their waste with skip bins of between 8-12 cubic metres. These skips come with a hook lift mechanism that makes emptying them easier for the waste management contractor. They're also at the right size for frequent emptying so that waste products such as foods don't stay there for too long.

Industrial locations that handle a large amount of waste from manufacturing processes may require skips of between 15- 31 cubic metres.

The Type

Different types of skip bins are designed for residential and commercial purposes. For example, marrel skip bins are ideal for residential use due to their smaller and more convenient size. They're also shorter in length, but with higher sides to provide a safe location for waste disposal.

Hook lift bins are ideal for commercial use. They are longer and have lower sides that allow them to be easily hooked to trucks when emptying is necessary. Smaller homes may find that they only need skip bags, and construction sites that frequently move around may find mobile skip bins a better choice.

Your waste products

The type of waste you deal with will also determine the type of skip bin you hire. Most general waste products such as boxes, household waste, and plastic can be disposed of in smaller residential-type skip bins.

However, when dealing with items such as concrete, bricks, trees stumps, and chemical products, more complex commercial-type skips will be required. The contractor will specify disposal procedures for these types of waste, and they often need to be handled with more care than general waste products.